Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gracie's 15 Month Checkup!

Today was Gracie's 15 month check up. She weighed in at 23 lbs 6 oz. and 30 1/2 inches long which is average height and a little heavier than average. The Dr said this will even out once she starts walking. Dr. Karp was very pleased with her development and how far she has come in just three months. She agrees with Gracie's therapists that she will be walking, if not running very soon. We anticipate this day with much joy and celebration!

Gracie has been on a alternative vaccine schedule since birth. This is important to us and we have stuck to it diligently. We are not anti-vaccines but we don't believe that she needs 4-5 shots at one time either. Our pediatrician has worked with us and we are very happy about this. I did learn something very interesting this past weekend while talking to a good friend, who's husband is a Dr. It got brought up that Gracie had recently had a high fever and her 15 month appointment was coming up. She then proceeded to tell me that you are suppose to take your child's temp. 30 days prior to any vaccines and if they have even a low grade temp. it's best to hold off on the shots. Most Dr's are aware of this recommendation but sadly don't share it with the parents. It's even stated in small print on most vaccine handouts that they will give you if you request them. So needless to say, this spurred me into a online research frenzie. I found some of the most horrible stories of real life babies who were given vaccines when having had or experiencing high temperatures. It was unbelievable the pain and agony they went through, many of them even dying. And the Dr's still denying it had anything to do with the vaccines or the failure to tell the parents it would be best to wait. When they are obviously fighting off another illness, why on earth would they inject them with any kind of vaccine???

So I just thought I would share that with anyone who didn't know like myself. Obviously the decision is yours and what ever you feel is best for your child. But I am so thankful that I discovered this valuable piece of information. Even if 30 days isn't what my ped. recommended...for my piece of mind, it's what I needed. When she's been fever free for 30 days we will go back and get her two scheduled shots. She won't be behind at all.