Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trip!!

I am super behind in my blogging these days but wanted to share about our road trip down south last month. We packed up the kids, two pack-n-plays, four suitcases, two bags of diapers & wipes, etc, etc. and drove south to Greenville, SC. We decided to break up our 12 hour trip to TN by stopping in SC to visit Chad, Chadd, and Sommer. This was officially our first real road trip as a family of four and had no idea what to expect. We left around 11:00 Sat. morning and got in around 6 pm. Not a bad trip at all! The kids slept, watched Elmo, and seemed almost as excited as mommy and daddy to be on vacation.

Our reunion with Chadd was an emotional one. We hadn't seen him in over three years so it was the first time he was meeting the girls! We had a good time in Greenville. Chadd and Chad met the girls for the first time and they fell in love!

We went to the most amazing park in downtown. I so wish we had a park like that here in VA Beach, because we would be there every day!

Our time was short but we enjoyed seeing them. Matt even got a free haircut out of it as Sommer is in hair school and needed a willing participant to volunteer. You did a great job Sommer! We love you guys and hope to see ya'll again soon!

Our next destination was Nashville, TN or as some like to call it Nashvegas!! Most of you know already that this is home of my alma mator, Trevecca Nazarene University. It had been over 3 years since we had been to TN and we were excited to see our friends. We stayed with Joy and Ethan in their beautiful new home. The only thing is they live about 20 miles outside of the city in a direction that I wasn't familiar with so we spent a good amount of time driving around lost! The GPS wasn't the best to rely on and by the end of the trip I was ready to throw it out the window! :) Gotta love modern technology!

We went to visit Kristen, Brant, Rylee, and Jackson.....

Trying to kiss the boys already....oh man!

We went to the park.....

We went to the zoo....

We played dress up......

and we all got sick.....that's right...we caught a stomach bug and on our way home Grace and Mommy were making daddy pull over every 30 minutes. Needless to say, we were happy to be headed home and glad we didn't get sick till the end but I will say that a sick toddler and mommy makes for a very LONG trip home!! By the next week I believe our friends we stayed with all caught it as well as Matt and my mom (she had to come over and take care of the baby because I was out of commission for at least 24 hours! However, at a recent Pediatrician visit our Dr told us it has been going around here as well!

Thankfully we made it home safely and it was a great 1st McClain southern Road Trip! We had so much fun and really had some quality time together and with friends!

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Big Move!!!

My parents are officially residents of VA Beach! We are exhausted but excited to have the entire family here! It's funny how life turns out sometimes. I NEVER thought we would end up all living here but it's good to have everyone within a 20 mile radius!

Currently their stuff is in storage and they are staying with Beth and Andy but we are hoping to find them a house in the next few weeks to a month. So we will be moving them again soon! hahahahaha!

This is mom's first day taking over care of the girls and so far so good! I'm so happy they are going to have a daily relationship!