Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fever!!!

Nothing is worse than to watch your child battling a cold or not feeling themselves. But this past week we experienced a first with our little girl. It started with her crying in the middle of the night...which is not like her at all. I didn't think much about it the first night because she went back to sleep. The next morning she got up early and was very cranky. When I took her temp it was 101 which isn't extremely high for her age but still I could tell she wasn't feeling well. Then after her afternoon nap, her temp read 103.2. I immediately called the nurse and they told me to give her some Tylenol and if it didn't go down in an hour and a half to call her back. Well thankfully it went down to about 100.5.

That night we woke up at 4:30 am to a screaming baby. We both rushed in to find a very, very hot little girl. Her temp was the highest I've ever seen any one's at 104.5. I immediately freaked out and thought we should rush her to the ER but Matt said to give her some Tylenol and water and let her come in bed with us. That morning her temp was down to 101 but I called the Dr's and we went in first thing. They did a strep test, flu test, blood work, and put a bag on her in her diaper for a urning sample (not easy with a baby).

We went back to the Dr's the next morning and everything came back negative. Looks like she just had a virus. She had one more day of high temps but I can say happily that the fever is completely gone and she is her happy, playful self again. Thank God. I couldn't even sit her down to get her bottle without her screaming. That makes for a long day! But now I guess I am prepared for when this happens with her again or with her little sister. I just pray it doesn't happen again for a long, long, long time! :)