Saturday, February 28, 2009

Waiting rooms

I've fallen off the blog wagon. These past few weeks have been crazy. We've spent a lot of time in waiting rooms at the Dr's office. First we went to the Children's Cancer and Blood Disorder at the Children's Hospital on Feb. 13th. All the Dr's and nurses loved her! She was so good even though she was obviously exhausted as we were there during her nap time. The nurse had to wake her up to "find a vein" and she didn't even cry. Finally she found a plump vein in her right foot. She only cried for a sec but the was soon distracted by her daddy who had taken a surgical glove, blew it up like a balloon, and was dancing around. Leave it to daddy to put a smile on Gracie face. She loves her daddy. They had to take A LOT of blood but we should know something in the next few weeks. The Dr also gave me a list of blood work that he wanted my OB to test me for.

The next Dr's appt was for Momma. We took Gracie with us so Dr. Ferebee could see her now. The last time she saw Grace she was delivering her. She loved her and said she should be on the cover of a magazine. I ended up getting an ultrasound (I'll post the pic of the little peanut soon) and we saw the heartbeat. According to the size of the baby I'm due Oct. 3rd. I think seeing baby surprise made it more real. I think I was in denial up until that point. It also made me and Matt excited at the thought of new life and a new addition to our little family. For those of you that don't know, this baby came a HUGE surprise to us both. We had planned on taking a few years to focus on Grace but the Lord had a different plan and we all know his plans are much better than any plan we could have for our lives. Anyways, back to the Dr's appt, they had to take 12 viles of blood from me. They let me go get something to eat first so I wouldn't be queasy. I go back on March 19th.

Lastly, we went to see the cardiologist on Feb. 24th. They did and EKG and some other heart test. Grace did great for both and the best part is that there is nothing wrong with her heart. It is perfectly fine. So we can scratch that off the list and be assured that her heart didn't cause the stroke in utero. Praise God!!


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