Monday, February 16, 2009

My best Valentine!

We had a wonderful Valentines Day weekend. We left Friday after Matt got off work and made our way to Winchester, VA to visit my parents. They hadn't seen Grace since Christmas and were missing her very much. Matt originally wanted to stay at a Bed-and-Breakfast near there but wouldn't you know, they don't take kids!

We had a great day with Mom and Dad. We took them to the Picture People where they got their picture taken with Grace. They were having some sort of Valentine event at the mall where they handed out these heart headbands. We got one of the last ones. Gracie kept it on her head most of the day. Look how adorable she is!!

Next we took Mom and Dad to Red Lobster (their choice) for a late lunch. Gracie was so excited and having a great time that she didn't nap the entire day! We had a wonderful 1st Valentines Day with Grace and my parents. It wasn't the traditional "romantic" day Matt and I had shared in the past but it was a special family day that I wouldn't have changed for the world.


AndieJ said...

Just beautiful! I am so glad you guys had a great time, and how appropriate that Gracie, your Lil Love Bug would get those cute heart headbands!
Love ya guys!