Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Week!

You ever have one of those weeks that starts out bad and continues to get worse? They say when it rains it pours. Well this past week was one of those.

First, after having our hopes set on buying a house this year, we realize that it is not the right timing. We need to work on getting some debt (two car notes and school loans) knocked out to be able to get the kind of home we need. Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Virginia Beach real estate, it is astoundingly high! I often wish we lived further down south so that we could build a brand new home for what they want for a 'starter' home here. It's very discouraging. However, the prices have recently been going down slightly. So we have decided to find a single family home to rent for the next year or two and really work on knocking out some debt. Needless to say, we are moving in the next month and a half (we have outgrown our condo) but don't have a place as of yet. So if you think about us please say a prayer that we'll find a great space that will work for our growing family.

Then on Tuesday I get a call from Matt early am. Someone had broken into his work trailor and cleaned it out. They stole over $5,000 of equipment. They must have worked for a long time to pry open the lock because it was the kind of lock you can't cut with bolt cutters and there was some damage to the clasp. He was mad but we thought it would be covered by insurance. He called the company he has his business insurance through only to find out that his policy covered literally everything except theft! Unbelievable! So I decide to call our renter's insurance. No luck there either. Because the trailer was parked on the job site and not on our property the best they could do was send Matt a check for $250!!! Talk about being really mad. We pay alot of money to these insurance places just to find out that if they had taken a few minutes to go over the specifics of coverage, we would have been properly covered, but we aren't so we are screwed! So basically Matt has to start over and build up what took him almost four years to acquire! Thankfully he has been able to replace two paint sprayers for very good price and the rest will come with time.

We know this is an attack and we are just going to keep pressing forward. We have too many things in our life that are good and too many blessings to let this get us down. God is in control but sometimes we have to go through the valley's to get to the mountain top!