Thursday, January 21, 2010

I love love me..we're one big happy Family!

Before being a parent I didn't know much except from what I had observed and seen while being a nanny. I took care of several different kids over the years while in high school, college, and even grad school. So I wasn't oblivious to the popular kids shows such as The Wiggles, Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, and let's not forget about every kids favorite purple dinosaur, Barney! Out of these I thought I knew exactly which ones I would allow my kids to watch and which ones were forbidden! Boy was I so wrong!!!

On a outing to Target a while back, Matt wanted to buy a DVD for the car for Grace. He grabbed a Veggie Tales and a Barney video. Both had lots of music and singing so we knew there was a good chance she would be entertained. However, we didn't know the obsession that would soon take place with Barney!!

Now every morning she comes down stairs and picks up the remote and brings it to me and says "Barney!" She even says please so how can I resist?! Please..someone tell me how do I resist because I'm to the point now where I want to strangle Barney and the little over dramatic kids in the videos!!! I go to bed with all the songs stuck in my head ...."I can do it...there's nothing to it..I can do it by myself." or "It's a bright sunshiny day!" over and over and over again!

Has any other parents out there come across this? I would try to hide them but she is a smart cookie and would probably follow me around for hours asking for Barney! I guess this is my fate until some other dancing animal grabs her attention! Matt has perfected his voice so we are thinking of dressing him up for her 2nd birthday as Barney to entertain the kids!! I'll make sure to post pictures of that!


Brent and Chris said...

Not sure what to tell you there. I have become very good at tuning out what's on the tv. Of course Austin has out grown most of the annoying cartoons. However, when he was in that stage, I introduced him to as many new shows as I could. Hoping, he would like the ones I like.

Alicia Marie said...

Jack LOVES the noah's ark video. He wakes up and says "See AH AH?!" ( That is his monkey noise and he means Noah's ark) I hear that about 100 times a day. I feel your pain.... just wait till you have dreams about the shows!!

April Charles said...

ELMO or as Kinley would say.... "MO MO"!