Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 09'

This is our 2nd year to take Grace to the pumpkin patch. They have a really great one here called Hunt Club Farm. The difference from this year and last is Grace's mobility. Last year she was just sitting up so we could prop her up and pose her for all kinds of fun pictures. This year, we were lucky to grab a few. The girl was all over the place! The weather was incredibly warm, upper 70's. It was a great day to get out of the house (and believe me we all needed that).

Grace rode her first kiddie ride. She went on it with Aunt Jenn and cousin Alex. She was all smiles before the ride but as you can see that changed quickly once the ride began. Bless her heart.

She also kept pointing to the Ferris Wheel so Aunt Bethany and Lauren decided to take her on it. Again, excited to get on but not so excited once the ride began.

We also attempted the pony ride but as soon as we put her on she was not having it. I think also, it was too close to nap time. Maybe next year.

As you can see Reese slept through most of it but still came up in her pumpkin best!


AngelGirl said...

LOVE the pics!!!!

rosemary said...

OMG - I love the girls little themed outfits! Looks like a really fun day!