Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Reese Taylor- less than 6 weeks and counting!

I'm very behind in my blogging these days. Seems like the closer we get to baby's arrival date the busier I become. I still need to blog about the beautiful shower my friends and family threw for me over the weekend. As soon as I get the pictures from my friend (the only one who brought a camera) I will post them.

But for now I want to give a quick update on Reese. I had my 34 week check up yesterday with my OB. At first my blood pressure was elevated but after laying on my left side for 20 minutes and a re-check my blood pressure became normal again. I have some swelling but that is normal at this stage in the game and I'm thankful that it's not as bad as it was with Gracie. She said we will be able to determine a lot from my next ultrasound. Meaning if we need to deliver early or let her come naturally! Of course I want her to come naturally.

So I had my ultrasound this morning and everything is looking good. While they still can't predict a stroke in utero they can look for brain bleeding or abnormal tissue in the brain. Both of which they did not see. Praise God! She is still on the small side with an estimated weight of 4 lbs 14 oz. which is considered in the 20th percentile. Again, the dr said anything between 10%-90% is considered normal. She just maybe smaller than Grace if delivered at full term. Another interesting thing we saw during the ultrasound is that she has flipped and is now breach. Meaning what I thought was her little bum under my ribs is actually her head. I'm telling her to flip back so mommy can have a natural labor and not a c-section. There is still plenty of time for her to flip back around. But if you got a moment and are thinking about it can you say a quick prayer that Reese will find her way back down to my pelvic area! hahah...such a strange prayer request.

That's about all I have for now. I start going every week at my next appt. So we shall see when and how little Ms. Reese Taylor will arrive! Thanks again for all your prayers and thoughts.

The above picture is the best 3-D the tech could get. She wasn't being very cooperative. She wants it to be a surprise with what she is going to look like I guess. In this pic you can see her profile and her little hand up at her mouth. We also saw one of her grabbing her feet and putting them up to her mouth. Guess she learned that one from Gracie! :)


Morgan said...

How exciting that you're getting so close! 3D sonos are very cool!