Saturday, June 6, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend!

I'm behind and out of order with my blogs these days but it's hard to find 10 minutes of alone time when I don't have to work or do chores around the house. But I had to blog about our memorial day weekend because it was soooo much fun!

We started the weekend out by headed to the Strawberry Festival in Pungo! I've always heard of this famous strawberry festival but never attended till this year. They had a HUGE parade, strawberry everything..daiquiri's, shortcake, ice-cream, etc. They had a fair, entertainment, rides. It was a big deal. We went with our friends Amy, Kevin, and Gracie's boyfriend Peyton! We were super excited to be able to pick the strawberry's from the fields but by the time we got there was a "All Picked Out" sign up. So we did what many new parents would do, we bought some strawberries and put the kids in the field for a photo op of course. Little did we know there were still some stray strawberries left and the kids found them quickly.

After the strawberry festival we headed home for much needed naps (all of us). Then we headed over to Beth and Andy's for a cookout.

Then on Memorial Day we went to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens with our buddies again. We got some really great pics in the kid's water area and in the beautiful rose gardens.

Overall it was a fun-filled, memorable day. Gracie also had her first grilled cheese sandwhich and strawberries. She loves them both!