Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Genetic Consult

So today I went to see a genetic counselor for a consult. She was very nice and basically we went over mine and Matt's complete family medical history. I explained Gracie's diagnosis and told her that we had blood work done and everything came back normal. No traces of a blood clotting disorder or strokes in our family history. She had me speak to the Dr who also concluded that I'm doing everything preventative that I can and he didn't recommend any baby aspirin or blood thinners.

He did however agree with my OB that we would do more in depth ultrasounds to monitor the baby and brain activity. Which I'm more than happy with. Not only does this relieve further stress from me but I also get a sneak peak at our little girl a few more times before we get to meet her face to face.

On a lighter note, I feel this baby is going to be MUCH bigger than Gracie was at just 7 lbs. It seems like overnight my stomach has popped and while my weight gain in on stomach is definitely feeling bigger at 6 months that it was with Gracie at 6 months. I guess we shall see when she gets here.

The name selection is coming pretty close. We are about 80% sure of her first name. I'll make sure to let you know when we are closer to 100%. We still want to pray about it and make sure it's the "right" name.

Well time for Gracie's bottle and bed time. I at least got to update this quickly. Until next time.....