Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Big Day!!!

Gracie started crawling today!! This is a huge accomplishment for any baby but especially for Grace as the strength and mobility on her right side isn't equal to that on her left side. Her Physical Therapist and her Occupational Therapist both said she would be crawling very soon and they were right. She is only 12 months old ( well 13 months next week) and we are just soooo proud of her. She has the best personality and is such a joy to be around. We really are so optimistic about her future and know there is no obstacle in life that she won't be able to overcome and accomplish.

She has started a lot of firsts this week. She has a new face and if I was fast enough with the camera to catch it I would put it on here. It's kind of a pouty, mean, faker face. It is sooo funny. She has learned to high five, clap her hands (which we've been working on for months now), standing up in her crib, and now crawling. It's amazing how fast she is growing and changing. She isn't a baby anymore! It's sad but exciting to witness!

Last weekend Grace had a full day of Weddings. We went to Jennifer and Matt's wedding in Newport News, VA in the morning! My parents were at this wedding so you could imagine their excitement to get to see Grace too.

Then we spent the evening at Joe and Natalia's wedding. Grace love the live band and danced with half of the wedding party and guests. She was a huge hit. Despite the long day she didn't cry one time. It was a fun filled day and we are so happy for both couples as they start their lives together!!


AngelGirl said...

way to go grace!!! waht a busy week!!! she's so beautiful!! congrats on the 2nd girl also!!