Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sitting on top of the world.... what my Reesie cup is doing. She is so proud of herself! Erin, her Physical Therapist (also Gracie's therapist) said on Monday during her session that she was really showing off and sitting up very well. She said she gives it one to two weeks until she is pretty steady. I believe her too because she has called it almost to the day with all of Grace's big milestones (pulling up, moving to sit, crawling, and walking)! We are sooo excited because we know what a new and wonderful world this will open up for Reese! That and her Gastrologist thinks her reflux will finally improve! (I go through a lot of laundry for her & I)!

So here's to my big girl who amazes me every day! You are my inspiration and my hero!!