Friday, March 5, 2010

Girl's Night!

We recently had a girls night to celebrate Lauren's 21st birthday. We got dressed up, did each other's hair and makeup, had some celebratory drinks and went to downtown Norfolk to Time Lounge. Now it's been a while since I've had a night out and after this night I realize it will probably be my last. hahahaha! I'm about to be 32 and I'm just not built to stay out late and deal with a bunch of crazy drunken people.

Thankfully it ended up being low key and us girls were able to hang out most of the night without being approached by some young sailors. Notice how I said '"most". We did a have a group of nice guys sitting next to us but as soon as they saw wedding rings on 3 out of the 4 of us they weren't interested in chatting anymore. All except one nice young guy. We got into talking about radio and broadcasting job ( I use to produce for a woman's talk show and Natalia is on the radio) he does on his ship. He was a baby..21 and what we thought was a pretty nice guy. Well as the night went on it became apparent he was hitting on me! yes, me! Can you believe it...!! I guess I still got it! hahahh! JK! After that realization we decided to make our way out to the very empty dance floor and then called it a night. I am just not as young as I use to be!

Over all it was fun to get out with the girls. However, I do feel as if those days have come and gone and I really don't care if I ever step foot into another club again!

Here are some pics of us before we headed out! Hope you had a wonderful birthday night out Lauren!!

Natalia and the birthday girl!

The guys stayed in with the kids and played some poker!

Lauren and her man...also my little bro!

Me and the birthday girl!! I love ya Lauren!

Bethany and Lauren