Friday, January 9, 2009

MRI scheduled

The nurse called to let us know that Gracie's MRI is scheduled for this coming Monday at 1:45 pm at CHKD. She went over her medical history and gave me the schedule for when she can eat and have fluids. My biggest concern now is the sedation and the risks. Thankfully it's a mild sedation and not anisthesia. There are risks but apparently they will go over all that in detail before we sign the waiver. They said the entire process from when we walk in to when we leave is about 4 hours. The sedation requires an IV which will be tough but Gracie has had a few of them in her lifetime. I just don't like the fact that she will be drugged. The nurse said she will be very "drunk" after she wakes up and depending on her reaction she could be extra fussy or could be happy. She is a very happy baby so I'm going to claim that she will be happy! Either way Monday is going to be a hard day..probably more so for us than for her.

I've had so many people offer up prayer for her and for Matt and I and I just want you all to know how much that means to us. We believe in prayers and we know Grace is God's child and he has her in the palm of his hands.

No matter the outcome we are so thankful and blessed to be given such a wonderful gift. We are just in awe every day that God trusted us with Grace. We feel so humbled by his generous gifts and His "Grace" in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Hey Tiffany- I just wanted to tell you again that I am praying for Grace, you, and Matt. I am praying that God will provide you strength and Grace will have no pain. Like you have said over and over- No matter what the results of the test........God is in control!!