Saturday, December 11, 2010

Catching up....

There is so much going on that life is passing me by way too fast! I can not believe that Christmas is only 2 weeks away. I still feel like it was yesterday we were headed to the beach on the weekends. Now it feels like 10 pm at 5:30 pm because it is pitch black before we even sit down to dinner!

Let me see if I can catch you up on the girls in a few sentences!

After a very long bout of different illnesses (pneumonia, 105 three day fever,& teething) I am very happy that Reese is feeling back to normal. Reese now has 5 teeth, is crawling (army style) all around the house and is getting into everything, has 5 words, waves hi and bye (a different wave for both), can sign "all gone", give kisses, and can hold her own against a very aggressive, hands on bigger sister! I can not believe she is nearly 15 months old. We recently had pictures done and she is a total camera ham! She is our sunshine and we are so excited to watch her grow and meet new milestones every day!

Grace has also had a rough few months. She had strep throat, high fever & cough, this past week dealt with pink eye, and then last night to top it off she fell off the sofa and hit her head on the brick fireplace. She now has a very large cut and bruise on her right temple. She is tough though. Her vocabulary blows me away. I knew Speech was going to pay off and now she repeats everything and speaks in full sentences. She is finally in her big girl bed and every morning comes running in to our room and says "Wake Up Mommy, Wake up Daddy!" If we don't comply she turns on the stereo full blast and starts to dance around to get our attention. What a great way to wake up every morning!!

Baby Adiya will be 2 months old on Dec. 20th. She is super cute with big chipmunk cheeks. She is hanging out at my house as we speak. She was having a rough time with reflux but was recently put on Axid and that seems to be helping. Grace and Reese LOVE her to pieces and I'm so excited that they get to grow up near one another. This will be her 1st Christmas and the 3rd First Christmas in a row for the kids in our family...if that makes sense?

I have been a blog slacker and one of my new years resolution is to get back into it. But for now I hope this has helped to catch you up on the exciting lives of the McClain Clan! :)